Useful Apps

To make your life as convenient and productive as possible, you should fill your phone with the most fun and useful apps available. But with millions of app-store listings to check out, you can easily waste time on pointless or even dangerous programs. Want to learn about new apps before they show up on app-store rankings? Keep an eye on our latest news.

Apple and Google work hard to keep low-quality and harmful apps out of their respective stores. So as you browse, you are unlikely to encounter anything that genuinely threatens your devices security. Still, better safe than sorry. App reviews and ratings aren't a perfect system, but they give you a general idea of other users opinions. Ratings don't necessarily mean the app is bad or good, but they could indicate a bug or a troublesome update. To see whether the developer has resolved any problems, check for responses under the reviews. With that in mind, we created this site to solve all these problems and make it as easy as possible for you to find the best apps. So you can spend less time searching and more time using.